If you’re a solopreneur or small business that has decided to join the YouTube community and you want to make a YouTube profile picture that will make an impression, or if you’re just looking to change your YouTube profile picture, you need to check out the YouTube profile picture maker at Placeit.

The YouTube profile picture maker offers a wide selection of amazing YouTube profile picture templates that you can customise quickly and easily to create cool YouTube profile pictures.  Let’s take a look at how.

YouTube profile picture maker at Placeit
YouTube profile picture maker at Placeit
  • Starting with the controls on the left, you can add your own text and change the font style.
YouTube profile picture maker at Placeit
  • Moving to the controls on the right, you can change the graphic and the colour of the graphic as well as the YouTube profile picture template’s background colour.
YouTube profile picture maker at Placeit
  • If you’re not happy with the changes you’ve made, you can reset the layout to return the design to its original layout.
YouTube profile picture maker at Placeit
  • If you change your profile picture regularly or frequently need logos, flyers, posters, social media banners, etc., then the monthly plan may be the best deal for you. And that’s how to cool profile pictures for YouTube in five simple steps using a YouTube profile picture creator.
YouTube profile picture maker at Placeit
Stylist Logo Maker with Floral Graphics

Stylist Logo Maker With Floral Graphics is a simple, modern template which would make a good YouTube profile picture for a fashion-related business. To customise it, just add your text, apply your brand colours, choose the appropriate letter moniker for your business, and you’re ready to go.

Logo Maker for Cupcake Shops

If you’re a bakery looking to create cool YouTube profile pictures, check out the Logo Maker for Cupcake Shops template, which offers wonderful illustrations of cupcakes and gorgeous vintage fonts.

Cosmetology Logo Maker

Beauty vlogs do extremely well on YouTube, and one of the things that help them get noticed is a good YouTube profile picture. Update your profile with this elegant template that is super simple to customise.

Craft Chocolate Logo Maker

Your fabulous craft chocolate shop deserves an equally fabulous YouTube profile picture to represent it, and that’s exactly what Craft Chocolate Logo Maker is for. This clean template features a warm, brown background with a bold and arresting serif font, topped with a beautifully curly graphic and tastefully presented oval for your tagline, if you have one.

Online Logo Template for Yoga Studio with Yoga Images

Taking your yoga practice to the internet and looking for a wide selection of cool profile pictures for YouTube? Look no further than the Online Logo Template for Yoga Studio With Yoga Images. The template offers gorgeous yoga-centred motifs and clean, modern fonts.

Online Logo Maker for a Yoga Studio Green Theme

Online Logo Maker for a Yoga Studio Green Theme is a good YouTube profile picture alternative to Online Logo Template for Yoga Studio With Yoga Images above.

Custom Logo Maker for Dance Studios

This divine template will make a YouTube profile picture that no one can ignore. It features a selection of awesome graphics and clean, bold fonts. Change the colours of all the elements to match your brand or suit your taste.

Handmade Soap Business Logo Maker

This is a good YouTube profile picture for a number of businesses. You can add your text and use it as is or add a background texture and customise extensively.

Channel Logo Maker with Avatar Graphics

Looking for a YouTube gaming profile picture maker? Placeit has you covered. The YouTube profile picture creator offers a wide range of customisable gaming profile picture templates just like the Channel Logo Maker With Avatar Graphics pictured here.

Fashion Influencer Logo Template

A good YouTube profile picture for fashion influencers and other working in the fashion industry, this template is all about colour and font. Add your text, select the font with the most impact, and then adjust the colour of the text and the background so they reflect your brand or appeal to your taste.

Logo Design Template for Braille Learning Center

Here’s another clean and modern YouTube profile picture template that is easy to update. This template features gorgeous braille graphics on one side of the image and the name of the business on the other. As part of your customisation, you can of course upload your own logo in place of the graphic.

Logo Template for Art Schools with 3d Shapes

Logo Template for Art Schools With 3D Shapes is a great example of how you can change your YouTube profile picture by customising the Logo Design Template for Braille Learning Center to create a different look.

Simple Natural Beauty Brand Logo Maker

If you’re an artisanal beauty brand, why not change your YouTube profile picture using this Simple Natural Beauty Brand Logo Maker template? The template offers beautifully illustrated graphics and a choice of equally elegant fonts.

Online Logo Maker for Dance Schools

If you run a dance studio and need to change your YouTube profile picture, check out Online Logo Maker for Dance Schools. This is a dynamic template that offers all sorts of great graphics, bold fonts, and a wide range of colour customisation options.

Custom Logo Maker for Drama Schools with Theatre Icons

You never have to worry about YouTube profile picture size when you use the Placeit YouTube profile picture creator. That’s because all templates use the exact dimensions of the YouTube profile picture size, so that all you need to do is customise your template, download it, and upload it to your site.

Logo Maker to Design a Cupcake Logo

If your business or interest focuses specifically on baking, then you’ll love the Logo Maker to Design a Cupcake Logo template, which features an array of gorgeous cake graphics, under which you can add the name of your cake shop and your shop’s tagline if there’s one.

Simple Logo Maker for Language Schools

Change your YouTube profile picture with the help of the Simple Logo Maker for Language Schools template. Add your business title, select an appropriate graphic, update the template’s colours, and you’re done.

Logo Maker for Self Defense Classes

Use the Logo Maker for Self Defense Classes template to make a YouTube profile picture for your channel. There are loads of choices of graphics and nice, clean, modern text.

Online Logo Maker for Music School with Jazz Icons

Want to make cool profile pictures for YouTube? This Online Logo Maker for Music School With Jazz Icons template will help you do just that. And you also have the option of using the catalogue of illustrated instruments to add your instrument to the template.

Custom Logo Maker for School with Piano Lessons

Make a profile picture for YouTube with this awesome Custom Logo Maker for School With Piano Lessons template for musicians. The template is similar to the one above but deviates by using the relevant musical instrument to replace a letter in the business name.

Custom Logo Maker for Acting Schools with Abstract Shapes

Use this clean, modern template to make a profile picture for YouTube. It’s simple to customise. Just add your text, upload your company logo, apply your brand colours, and you’re done.

Bread Logo Maker

Placeit has many cool profile pictures for YouTube for bakeries that specialise in organic bread, like the Bread Logo Maker template. Just browse through the images provided to find one the most appeals, add your company name and tagline, change the colours, and you’ve got a new profile picture.

Logo Maker for Ballet Studios with Ballet Shoe Clipart

Logo Maker for Ballet Studios makes a statement with a simple graphic of a ballet shoe in tendu and a stylish but clean sans-serif font. A great example of the cool YouTube profile pictures with fabulous graphics found at Placeit.

Beauty Logo Maker for Skin-Care Products

Make a YouTube profile picture for your new skincare venture with the Beauty Logo Maker for Skin-Care Products template. The template offers a beautiful selection of floral wreaths which emphasise the freshness of your brand. Just enter your text, select your floral wreath arrangement, and select your colours.

Kids Toys Logo Maker

For more cool YouTube profile pictures, check out Kid’s Toys Logo Maker, a colourful and creative template for child-related businesses. Experiment with all the wonderful customisation features available within the template to make a profile picture for YouTube that is uniquely yours.

Logo Maker for Natural Beauty Care Brand

Natural beauty care brands will appreciate the Logo Maker for Natural Beauty Care Brand template, which features a nice selection of plants and flowers. Use it to create some cool profile pictures for your YouTube channel.

Youtube Gaming Channel Logo Template with Control Graphics

The Placeit YouTube gaming profile picture maker will help you create the best gaming profiles around. Just select an image from among those offered, add your channel name, select your colours, and you’re done.

Beauty Salon Logo Maker

Another gorgeous logo for beauty brands, Beauty Salon Logo Maker offers a variety of abstract brush stains against which your text stands out. You can customise the colour of the background, the brush stain, and the text, and you have the option to add other graphics if you like.

University Logo Maker with Tree Graphic

If your university is getting onto YouTube but needs help to make a profile picture for YouTube, this template is the answer. Just add the appropriate text, upload the school logo, make the colour scheme consistent with the school’s brand, and just like that you’ve got a professional YouTube profile picture ready to use.